30 minute Kettlebell Routine – Burn Fat, Build Muscle and Feel Great!

Here is a sample kettle bell routine that I did today, less than 30 minutes!

Workout with kettlebellsIt has been shown kettlebells have been increasing in popularity in the fitness and fighting world. This is because of their dynamic way of burn fat, building muscle and increasing stamina! Get on the kettlebell train!


30- Minute Kettlebell Workout:

*Work through the entire circuit without rest, all exercise 15 repsĀ (get water as needed of course!)*

  1. Warm-up 5 minutes (Your Choice)
  2. Two-handed Swings
  3. Single arm Swings (left/ right)
  4. Single Arm Swings with Pass (15 each arm)
  5. Swing Throughs
  6. Press with Kettlebell Inverted (Reversed) (left/right)
  7. Upright Rows
  8. Row in Front Lunge Position (Left/Right)
  9. Around the Waist (to the left/ to the right)
  10. Around the Worlds (aka Halos) (to the left/ to the right)

Feel the burn and enjoy this workout! Now, Get out there and Train! Enjoy!

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