MyWarriorWithin is a Self-Defense and Fitness Solution!

women self defense class mywarriorwithinWe provide resources for your self-defense and fitness needs.  We also have online classes you can access instantly anytime and anywhere (smartphones, laptops or tablets).  Perfect for those of us who can’t get to the gym, don’t have the money and want it now.  You now can get what you need anytime, anywhere!

MyWarriorWithin’s Unique System Will Get You Results Fast

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We are committed to developing our clients into the total “Warrior” package!


Our self-defense and fitness system is built on three key elements:

  1. Physical – Blending fitness and self-defense training for the most effective workouts for health and street-fighting readiness!
  2. Mental – Continuous intellectual learning and mind-feed (How’s, Why’s and What’s)!
  3. Character – Develop Confidence and a Bullet-Proof Can-Do-Attitude!

Just like a three-legged stool needs each leg to stand, each of us needs these three elements to succeed!

We Provide A Complete Self-Defense and Fitness Package

“Unleash Your Warrior Within” is our motto and speaks to the Warrior that exists inside each and every one of us.  The Warrior inside you can be fierce, courageous and caring when needed.  Sometimes we need help to find and unleash the Warrior from within, and that is okay.  With our training we can “Unleash Your Warrior Within” together!

Ready to Get Started?

We train anyone with the desire to learn in a positive, high-energy and FUN environment.  Everyone can all successfully achieve their self-defense and fitness goals with us.  Why wait?  Sign up for a course now!

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