Choosing the Right Boxing Gloves

Finding the right Pair of Gloves for YOU is very important and EASY to do!

boxing gym at homeThe question you got to ask is, “What are you going to use them for?” Hitting the heavy bag or working out only? Cardio and aerobic exercising? Maybe for fights or sparring too? Whatever it is you want to do, you need the right protection. So here are some considerations:

Aerobic or Cardio use: A nice hook and loop glove will most definitely work. Hook and Loop means the fasteners that wraps around your wrists are made from Velcro. These gloves are very easy to take on or off. Lace up gloves take a longer to put on and off and usually need a partner to tie them up. Also use a 8-ounce to 10-ounce glove (they make weighted ones just for aerobics). Caution! Specially made aerobic gloves do not have the proper hand protection needed for heavy bags or sparring. So, it is suggested you go with the Hook and Loop glove.

Heavy Bag Workouts: If you plan on doing bag work and possibly doing some sparring, you need a quality glove that is 1) versatile and 2) provides the safety and protection you need for that purpose. You can pick either a Hook and Loop or Lace-up glove. Make sure the glove has the proper wrist support and cushioning to prevent sprains and/or fractures. A hardier glove (12-14 ounces) is strongly suggested with hand wraps (long strips of cloth to bind the hands, serving as additional support). Caution: There are specially designed heavybag gloves, which do not have a lot of padding. These gloves do not provide much protection to your hands and wrists. It is suggested you go for the heavier gloves with additional protection.

Fighting or Sparring:  OK, this is where things get specific. What gloves you can use in matches (organized and sanctioned fights) are strictly governed by the rules and regulations of the governing organizations. However, you will see them (dependant of fighters’ weight class, e.i. welter weight or heavyweight) usually 8-10 ounces and lace-up only. For Sparring, you can use either a hook and loop or lace-up glove. They are usually bigger (14-16 ounces). Caution: Do not use specially designed heavy bag, cardio or aerobic gloves for sparring! For fighting, get what is specified with your organization. For Sparring, it is suggested to use 14-16 ounce hook and loop or lace-up gloves.

Here are some highly suggested Gloves for training:

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