Calculating Max Run Speed

Learn how to Calculate Your Maximum Run SpeedMaximum running

Want to know your max run speed? It is easy to figure out. Here is goes:

What mile per hour (mph) can you outrun a bear?lol, j/k! Really, it is what you can sprint a tenth (0.10) to a quarter (0.25) of a mile at full bore! A full out sprint! In my case it is about 12mph! Did you know the fastest human to run a sprint is like 25mph! That is insane! But for the rest of us, we can gauge on our own abilities to what we can do.

Calculating our run stress speeds is easy.In my case, 50 % of 12 mph is 6mph (12 x 0.5). If I wanted to know what 75%, then it is 12mph x 0.75 = 9mph. Use a calculator to know your number. Always start with a warm-up at 50% for about a 0.25 of a mile before ramping up! S0 when I tell you to run 80 or 90 percent of your capacity, you’ll know what I mean! No excuses, just gains! Enjoy!

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