Find the Right Fitness Video for You

There are so many fitness videos out there, what is the right one?

Video Abs WorkoutFind the video that is right for your immediate fitness needs. What I mean is if you never worked out before, you are what they consider “Unconditioned or stagnant.” That means if you go from zero to PX90, you risk injury and more time healing instead of getting in shape! That’s just plain Insanity!

Choose a reputable source for fitness. There are the well-known names such as: Julian Michaels, Richard Simmons and Billy Blanks (who we trust to know their stuff). However, there are also lesser-known names that have just as much knowledge (probably even more) that are just as good, if not better. Just make sure they have some sort of certification or credentials that would separate them from the “snake oil” merchants (frauds).

Where do you start and what should you choose? Great question (I get that one a lot). My answer is: What do you like, what do you feel comfortable with and where are you at (fitness wise) now?

For beginners, begin with beginner videos and exercises to build a solid foundation and allow your body to become accustomed to exercise to avoid injury. This is called the tear-down phase (soreness, wink)! Great videos are Yoga, Pilates and aerobic videos.

The second phase in developing fitness is the “toughening phase.” That is when your body is already used to exerting in physical exercise and now is ready for overload (which means improvement)! This is where you start looking at PX90, Insanity and other intermediate and advance training fitness videos. More reps, more complex exercises with more intensity. Be careful to not over train! If you get hurt, you risk going back to square zero and having to start all over again! Gradual and progressive training will get you where you want to be.

Finally, we have the “Maintenance Phase.” This is when you are where you want to be. Short, intense workouts that help “maintain” your fitness level. By this time, your fitness level would allow you to do pretty much anything and everything you want to do. Have fun choosing different workouts or activities, doesn’t matter what you do, just have fun!

So, pick the videos from reputable sources that you are interested in and that accommodate your current fitness level. Most importantly, the one that is the most Fun for you!

Here are some Recommended Fitness Videos:

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