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Enjoy fun, safe and easy firearm safety and training for fun and personal self-defense! 

Jennie M. says, “I came to Highhorse being afraid of guns . By the time he finished with me I had an appreciation for them instead. He was very patient. and had a lot of knowledge to share. Before we even got started he went through the safety first, loading the magazine, removing all the bullets from the chamber, showing me different ways to hold the gun & aiming. He had several different guns for me to try out, even a shotgun. He had a lot of great pointers for me. By the end of our training that day I had been able to hit the bulls eye several times. I loved it!!! I couldn’t wait to go shooting again! Thanks Highhorse for teaching me to respect guns and not be afraid of them. I am working now to get a concealed gun permit and will definitely take more classes from him!”

We are now bringing firearm training into our self-defense curriculum for personal protection and recreational shooting.

We will be offering the following classes:

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Friendly gun safety and education for everyone!