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Chief Instructor

Highhorse Little

  • USMC Veteran (Staff Sergeant and Drill Instructor)
  • Self-Defense Instructor & Fitness Trainer
  • National Rifle Association (NRA) Certified Pistol Instructor

When looking for an instructor, you should look for someone with lots of experience to get the results you are looking for, right?  How does over 20 years of firearms experience sound to you?

A little about Highhorse Little…

Highhorse was born and raised in San Francisco, California, in the Mission District.  He is currently married to his wife whom he met over 20 years ago in the Marine Corps (she’s a Marine too!)  Highhorse has three children (one boy, 20, and two girls, 18 and 15) and two dogs, Peaches and Gunner.

Besides teaching self-defense and fitness, he enjoys volunteering in his community.  Highhorse actively looks for ways to work with veterans transitioning into their next step after service in addition to helping everyone with their self-defense and fitness needs.  Highhorse enjoys teaching and being in the learning environment.

How Highhorse can relate to you?

Highhorse didn’t shoot a firearm until he was 18 years old at Marine Corps boot camp in 1994.   So, he understands what it’s like to be a beginner with guns as a young adult.  After learning the fundamentals, Highhorse was able to maintain an Expert rifle and pistol marksmanship rating during his 12-year career.  Highhorse also knows all about that “awkward feeling” when walking into some gun stores and ranges and not knowing the lingo or etiquette.

Highhorse also enjoys both recreational shooting for fun and practicing for self-defense and protection.  He wants to be a mentor for you learn the ropes in a fun, friendly environment.  A big brother (or little one if your bigger than him, lol).

Why choose Highhorse as a firearms trainer?

What are the numbers?  Highhorse has trained thousands of people with his over 20 years of teaching experience and has over 20 years of firearms experience too.

Highhorse practices what he teaches and strives to demonstrate by example, both professionally and privately.  Highhorse strongly believes education is the key to eliminating fear and misunderstanding, because we tend fear what we don’t understand and education solves that.

Highhorse believes firearms are great tools for personal protection and recreational fun, which means gun safety is vital not just to the shooters, but for the entire family of gun homes.

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