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NRA certified firearms training hosted by MWW.

NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course

Welcome to our NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course!  UPDATE!

NEW!This 8-hour course is now blended into two convenient phases.  Great for us who have crazy and busy schedules, awesome!  They are:  

  • Phase 1:  “The classroom” is now online so you can learn at home at your own pace!  Sign up for Phase 1 HERE
  • Phase 2:  The “hands on” shooting part at the range with a certified NRA Instructor.  Sign up for Phase 2 with us HERE!

Students learn:

  • Gun safety rules
  • Types of pistols
  • Understanding a revolver and semi-automatic pistol
  • Ammunition
  • Fundamentals of pistol shooting
  • Shooting positions
  • Pistol shooting errors
  • Clearing pistol stoppages
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Selecting pistols, ammunition and accessories
  • Quality hands on instruction with a NRA certified Instructor
  • Continued opportunities for shooting skill development!

Students will receive:

  • Basics of Pistol Shooting Student Examination
  • Receive a Basic Pistol Certificate
  • The opportunities to qualify at higher marksmanship level
  • Information on other great training opportunities!


  • A desire to learn!
  • Complete Phase 1 of this course. 
  • Have never been convicted of a felony and not prohibited from legally owning, possessing or using a firearm or ammunition in accordance with Federal and California law.
  • Age:  18+
  • Gear:  You’re highly encouraged to bring your own firearm ammo (However, gun rentals and ammo purchases avail at range if needed.  Factory ammo only, no reloads!).
  • Pay Phase 2 Fee:  $100 (compared to previous $199!)  Reserve your Phase 2 with us here!

Please Note:  If you need to rent a gun and buy ammo, please show a little early to make time.  You will need to sign both your instructor’s and the range’s liability waivers prior to shooting.  Class limited to 2 students to ensure quality instruction.  Sorry no walk-ins, so please register first.  Thanks in advance and let’s have fun learning


  • Phase 1 is provided by the NRA which has its own separate fee ($60), which is not applied to the instructor’s fee for Phase 2 (above).
  • Upon successful completion of phase 1, print your certificate and your Personal Identification Number(PIN) will be activated to register for Phase 2.  Your instructor will ask for your NRA User ID and PIN to register you for Phase 2 after reserving your seat.

Interested in private classes?  Click here to learn more!

NRA Personal Protection in the Home Course

Welcome to our NRA Certified Personal Protection in the Home Course! 

This 8-hour class is perfect for those of us who are looking to learn about protection ourselves in our homes.  This class includes classroom and range time to improve your knowledge, skills and attitude to help you learn how to shoot for personal protection with your own firearm… We Can Help!

This course delivers you hands-on instruction learning:

  • Safe gun handling
  • Pistol model parts and operation
  • About ammunition
  • Shooting fundamentals
  • Gun cleaning and care
  • Continued opportunities for shooting skill development!

Students will receive:

  • The Basics of Personal Protection in the Home handbook
  • NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure
  • Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification booklet
  • Personal Protection in the Home Course completion certificate

This class is a must have for us taking our skills and knowledge to a higher level.  You will love this class!

  • Prerequisites:  A desire to learn and you are a law-abiding U.S. citizen that has never been convicted of a felony and not prohibited from legally owning, possessing or using a firearm or ammunition in accordance with Federal and California law.
  • Completed the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course, proof of other formal pistol training (i.e. military DD-214 with pistol qual) or successfully passing the course’s pre-qualification.
  • Ages:  21+
  • Student Limit:  2
  • Gear:  Students must bring their own firearms to learn with (at least 38 special or 9mm), eye/ear protection and ammo (gun and eye/ear protection rentals and ammo purchases available at the range if needed.)
  • Fee:  $250
  • Please reserve in advance, sorry no walk-ins.

Interested?  Click here to find a time right for you, enjoy!

Don’t have the time to commit to a 3-hour class?  How about breaking it down into small private sessions?  Click here to learn more!