Get Sexy, Build Muscle Tone and Get Stronger with Negative Weight Training

Get more from your workouts NOW with new lifts!

Weight Training with NegativesNeed something new for your workouts that has been proven to give you results like you wanted? Try negatives! Negatives is the opposite or “relaxing” portion of a weight training lift, such as the lowering of the weight after pushing up on the bench press or bicep curl as shown here.

Negatives increase the work load on your mucsle fibers, which promotes growth and strength! When contracting, all the muscle fibers are used to lift the weight. As you lower the weight, some muscle fibers are “turned off” and the load is distributed amongst the remaining working fibers. So, increasing the time those remaining fibers having to work, makes them compensate by increasing their size and strength.

Increase the time of the negatives and the repetitions of your exercises to get maximum results! Try 4-count reps (Up 1 and down 3) for 15 to 20 reps (instead of the traditional 10). Remember to breath so your muscles learn to move with your breathing (plus oxygen helps in continuous exercise). Negatives work great with body weight exercises (i.e. push-ups, lunges and etc.)!

Become a fat-burning dynamo! If you just wanted to “tone up” or get ripped, you have to built muscle. Period! Bones and organs don’t burn fat like hungry and strong muscles. Build muscle means burn fat! So, use negatives in your weight lifting routines to a slender and sexy you!

Enjoy your new workouts, your new body and most importantly, feel great!

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