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How AWESOME is it to be trained by a REAL Military Martial Arts Expert and Marine Corps Drill Instructor?

Working out with HighhorseWhen looking for a self-defense or fitness instructor, you should look for someone with lots of experience to get the results you are looking for, right?  How does over 30 years of martial arts and fitness training and  with real street-fighting experience sound to you?  That is Highhorse Little!  Highhorse Guardian Angels

You should look for someone who is not afraid to put a foot in your ass!

Marines HighhorseWhat kind of Hard Core training do you think you’ll get from a Marine Corps Drill Instructor and a 2nd Degree Black-Belt Martial Arts Instructor-Trainer (a teacher’s teacher)?  Does this look like someone who can whip you into shape and teach you a thing or two?Self-Defense Classs DCS of San Diego

How would you like to be at the best physical condition of your life and be at the top of your game?

What are the numbers?  Highhorse has trained thousands people with his over 20 years of teaching experience.  Beat that!

Highhorse volunteers by teaching members of his community (church groups and other non-profits) and U.S. Marines in self-defense and combat conditioning techniques.  He has also taught wounded service members and the wives of those deployed.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to be trained by the best?  “Don’t Cheat Yourself, Treat Yourself” and Get started today!

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