Learn a Proper Jab – The Ultimate Boxing Weapon

Want to Know the Secret of Having the Advantage in Any Fight?

Ask any fighter, street fighter or Martial Artist, the jab dominates the fight! It is the Swiss Army tool of the fighting world. Set up for a knock-out, find your range, feel out or even demoralize your opponent! A good jab is just as dangerous as a loaded gun!

A Strong Jab will command respect and instill fear in a would-be attacker! Practice stepping forward with your lead foot (the one in front of your fighting stance) every time you snap out your jab. Always picture punching past your opponent’s head to maximize follow through. (Note: Remember to a proper fist!) Famous Boxers (i.e. Joe Fraser and Mohammed Ali) were masters at the jab. You too can harnes the power of the jab with practice!

Watch the Video to Learn How to Throw a Proper Jab (Funny & Educational!)
learn to throw jab

To build punching power, I suggest you find a gym with a heavy bag and practice your jab to build up your explosive power. Or, you can buy one for your home. Arm yourself with the machine gun of the fighting world!

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  1. Good shitake High Horse. The technique is very important to know. Keep the videos coming. Always inspired by good instructors that share crucial knowledge and technique in self defense.

    Manu…………Peace out braddah.

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