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  1. Oi, Highhorse!

    One thing is certain: I would never want to get onto the business-end of that duke of yours: I bet that would smart mightily!

    First, thanks for this video link and excellent demo: I have shared it and recommended it to The Lads, and especially to my female acquaintances. It is a sad fact: most girls never learn how to hit somebody effectively and well, and that is probably why they tend to get hurt. Women can *definitely* fight: they have Warrior Spirit, and are bloody dangerous to have as an opponent at the best of times. With a bit of technique, women would experience far fewer sexual assaults, rapes and murders. This brings me to my second point…

    Second, I would be interested to see you do a similar demo on “open-hand” techniques. Me good mate Charl “Morpheus” Viljoen of the Cape Town SA Guardian Angels first raised this technique with me, formalizing it as being a “good idea”. And, on reflection, the one-and-only time I ever had to fight for my life, I used an open-hand chin-slam against a knife-wielding scroat, knocked him out cold, one hit. I was just barely 18 at the time, being mugged. So I know that open-hand works.

    (From this, you should be able to surmise I am not a “fighting man”. Only one adult fight, more than half my life ago. That being said, I owe the second half of my life to being able to defend myself effectively, during the first half of my life on the one occasion when I needed to.)

    Moreover, the legendary W E Fairbairn taught the open-hand chin-slam to British Commandos during WW-II. Fairbairn wasn’t a silly man…

    It is a fact that you can hit something much harder, and with much less damage to yourself, with that meaty part of your palm just above your wrist, than you can with your knuckles — go ahead, try it: punch a brick wall, then slam it with your open palm. You will probably hit much harder: big bones, lots of protective padding (for you, not your opponent)…

    Any chance of doing an “open-hand” video, for the women? And also for us guys who know instinctively that this is a good way to hit something really, really hard?

    Curious to know your views, Highhorse.


    1. Oi (I love that), You must have been reading my mind Chieftain!

      I actually do have several demos on various other strikes (including open handed strikes). Of course, I like to talk about the fundamentals (very important basics) along with more advanced techniques. I am a fundamentalist and a simplist, which means I believe in having strong basics and using simple, yet effective techniques (which has worked, tried and tested – lol). As you already know, in a street fight we don’t have boxing gloves or mouth pieces, or even a perfect and fair fighting environment. We need tools to level the battlefield and put things in our favor!

      In a street fight, preventing or reducing injury to ourselves is a must. You are right on target (appropriate term for this subject). I strongly suggest soft weapons (open handed strikes) to hard targets (such as the skull) and hard weapons (closed fists and kicks) to soft targets (torso, groin and extremities).

      I hope this validates your comment. I will make sure to address any and all subjects asked of me.

      Thanks for the excellent and awesome post, keep them coming!

      Much respect,

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