Learn to Stay Healthy with Gym Hygiene

Learn to Prevent Getting Sick from the Gym!

Gym HealthThe last thing you need to be thinking about is getting sick from gym equipment. Yeah, yeah. Some people use those handy wipes to wipe the handles of some the gym machines. However, it is our responsibility to protect ourselves from gym germs!

Don’t Touch Your Face With Your Hands

That’s right! Touching your face with your bare hands after touching objects can lead to you getting the sniffles. The eyes, nose and mouth are¬†greatest¬†portholes that germy germs need to get into your body and start working you out! So, resist the urge to wipe the sweat off your face or rub your eyes, nose and mouth with your bare hands. If you have to, use a clean towel or your shirt.

Wash Your Hands When Taking Breaks or When your Finished

You would always see me washing my hands with soap and water when I am taking a break. That is when I like to splash a little cold water on the face and open my water bottle to drink. Remember, handy wipes are good for general cleaning, but nothing beats good old soap and water! When you are finally done for the day, wash your hands before handling your steering wheel in the car or personal stuff. It will keep you from bring gym germs home with you!

Relax and Just Practice Good Common Sense

Just understanding and practicing good preventive hygiene habits, will ultimately keep you working on your fitness goals, rather than working on getting over the flu. Enjoy your workouts and enjoy a better you!

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