Self Defense Mind, Body and Spirit

Mind, Body, Spirit. What does that mean?

When I put it all together, it totFront Choke Counter MyWarriorWithinally makes sense! You already know about it, and I am not going to teach you anything you don’t already know. But, I am going to put a “A name with a face.”

Mind – The mental attributes that goes with self defense and fitness. The technical knowledge of how to do something and facts behind something (what techniques work what part of body, what it does, calorie intake, etc.)

Body – The physical attributes of self defense and fitness (the techniques themselves, physical conditioning, rehersals (practice). Things that you do physically.

Spirit – The character attributes. The mindset. Thinking “just one more rep” or in self defense, “The survival mindset or instinct.” Intangible traits, things that we control on the inside. Being a greater person, doing what is right, conducting ourselves to a higher moral standard.

It is a Three-legged stool concept.

Without one of the legs, the stool falls. You’d be off balance. But, you already knew that. I am just pointing out the “Obvious”, reminding.

Example: If you wanted to work legs, and you only did bicep curls. Won’t work. Plus, if you did do arm curls, but did them inappropriately or in bad form, you could hurt yourself. Would you?

For self defense, you wouldn’t punch to the face with only one punch if the suspect had a knife. Because you know what a knife could do (cut, slash, gouge). you’d run away if you can, wouldn’t you? You can’t cut what you can’t catch, right? You wouldn’t use a knife to hurt someone unless it was really necessary to save your or someone’s life, would you? Or just beat someone up, just “because”? I hope not.

That is the three-legged stool. It is all about knowing your own capabilites, learning more, practicing and getting better, and doing the right thing (responsible use of force). That we all know.

That is the core of my teaching, my mentoring and training philosophy. Take what you need and find useful. I hope I shed a little light on the subject. Enjoy!

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