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Burn Fat and Get Ripped with this Awesome Workout!Fitness Training Eliptical 

Start with 30 minutes on the elliptical cross trainer. This is to use up your muscles’ stored energy reserves! Once your muscles burn up their reserves, then your body will start using your stored fat for energy to finish your workout.If you can’t use an elliptical machine, easy, then go for a run or jump rope!




Burpee FitnessBegin your workout! By this time, your muscles are tapped and relying on your fat for fuel. Your workout is going to be an action packed and simple 4-cycled (four times around) circuit course. Start with a set of 10 reps of burpees (as shown). Make sure you concentrate on good form (proper push-ups) and hang time in your jumps. Once you are done with 1 set quickly move onto the exercise! Fitness with Tire Flipping

Tire Flipping to a Ripped and Hot Body!Yeah, that’s right. Tire Flipping. Easy stuff. Back straight. Squat, lift from underneath, lift with legs and flip the tire over! 10 flips to a set. Once you are done, go back to another set burpees!

So, your circuit training will be burpees, tire flips, burpees, tire flips, burpees, tire flips, burpees, tire flips. Got it? Great!

If you don’t have a tire to flip, that’s OK. 25 air squats would work great as a substitution!

Polish Your Midsection with a Belly Busting Ab Workout!

Finish your workout with 25 basic crunches, Hold a push-up position (called the plank) for 30 seconds, 25 crunches, 30 plank and finally, burn it out with a final 25 crunches! Enjoy!

Trainer’s Tip:  The key is to use up your muscles’ readily available energy supply before your ACTUAL workout! This will allow your body to use your stored energy (fat) for fuel during your workout!

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