Green Coffee A New Weight Loss Miracle Pill?

Green Coffee as a New, Effective and Safe Weight Loss Supplement?

weight loss with green coffeeSure sounds like it! Apparently, green coffee beans have properties that causes us to lose both body weight and fat percentage. Nice!

Heck it is even endorsed by Dr. Oz as a safe, effective supplement to lose weight! That makes me feel better than some guy with spray painted abs on an infomercial selling me a gimick. So what are the facts?

Fact Summary:  Green coffee beans contains a property called Chlorogenic acid, which is attributed for this rapid weight loss. According to research, green coffee beans only have 20mg of caffeine versus the 400mg in a “venti” cup of coffee! So it is not the caffeine that causes the weight and fat loss, but the cholorgenic acid in this natural supplement!

the mircle green coffee beanThe Study:  So, in a recent study published in the Diabeties, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal, 16 adults between the ages of 22 and 45 conducted a green coffee bean regiment for 12 weeks. Results? Average weight loss of 17lbs each with an overall 10.5% body weight and 16% body fat loss! Holy Smokes!

How do You get them? You can go to a natural food dealer, such as Whole Foods Market®, or get it them on online.

Do your own research. If it is something you are interested in trying, check out the link below:



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