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Learn boxing basics for fitness and self defense.

Learn Boxing Basics – Your Starter Kit

Build your own boxing starter kit in just a couple of clicks…Get gear that is proven to work…shipped straight to your home…tested and approved!

The following equipment below is what is used to make my Boxing Basics video Course.  It is the same equipment I personally tested and used for years and enjoy while training.  This is a great starter kit!

Everlast New Punch Mitts I have used the same punch mitts for years with many students that beat the heck out of them and they still fit and feel great! Strong construction and a great affordable price.  Order now and have it delivered to your home!

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves
I have personally beaten the snot out of my heavy bag, sparred with my students and worked out for fitness with these gloves. Great wrist support, padding around the knuckles and tough construction. I have used the same gloves for the past 5 years and they are still going strong! You will love these gloves, order your pair today!

TITLE Boxing Personal Timer
This is a great time keeper! I still have the original one I brought years ago. I can choose between 2-3 minute rounds with 30-second to 1-minute rests. Great for high-interval training and keeping track of rounds. I love the boxing ring “bell” that it gives. I love mine, I know you will to. Order one today and make it yours!

Now That You Have Got the Gear, Get The Training … Start Training Now By Clicking Here!