Do you have actual “live” on-site classes?

Yes we do! We have both group and private classes MyWarriorWithin Main Site.

If I have a question about self-defense and fitness stuff, is there a way to ask for an answer?

Of course! You can always contact us via our Contact Us page, Email at info@mywarriorwithin.com or attend one of our online study groups via Google+ Hangouts to clarify techniques and subject material.  (NOTE! However, we will not address any legal questions pertaining to the use of force due. This would be acting in the capacity of an attorney.  If you have legal questions, you must consult a legal advisor authorized to practice in your state. See our Privacy/ Disclaimer Statement. )

Am I expected to fight or spar anyone  to satisfy any requirements of the on-line courses?

No! You will not be expected to fight (spar) anyone. However, due to the nature of self-defense training you might find it beneficial  to practice techniques with another person or in a scenario.  Caution and a high-degree of care should be taken when practicing to avoid injuries.  You are not expected to do anything you do not feel comfortable doing!

Please refer to our Privacy/ Disclosure Statement for terms of use and agreement about using our products. Thanks!

What is your Refund Policy?

We want to ensure your are completely satisfied and happy with us and would like you to continue using us and our services.

Refund policy as it applies to our digital products or on-line courses:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you are unhappy with any of our digital products or on-line courses, we will give you a FULL refund upon written request at any time if you are unsatisfied with your purchase. We want you to be happy with our services and remain a loyal customer.

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