Preemptive Striking – Ending the Fight BEFORE it Starts

Do You Really have to Wait for a Physical Attack before you can React?

Face PunchIf you start a fight in a reactionary mind set, you will always be one step behind your opponent! The key is, to be in control of the fight right from the beginning. One way to do this is TAKE CHARGE OF THE FIGHT!

Many experienced fighters will¬†absolutely agree you have to make your opponent fight your fight to have the edge. How do you do that? Here is one way…

Trust Your Instincts and Act on Them!

I can say that enough. How many times have you seen someone that felt like “They are ready to explode” or are on verge of attacking you? That is it! The attack is already in motion! There are key body language indicators your attacker is committed to attacking you. Every fight that I have won was because I knew when backing out was not an option and I had to fight to survive. Understanding and knowing is paramount to success!

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

It doesn’t matter who threw the first punch, but rather who was the dominant aggessor and the totality of circumstances. “He came at me acting hostile and I was threaten for my safety.” Versus, “He pissed me off and I kick his butt.” Get it? Good! Many of times, I was faced with when I “Knew” the guy was going to fight me whether I liked it or not. I stopped his attack, by counter-attacking first.

Attackers Always Expect to Be First and Have the Upper Hand

Bull Crap! They do, but that is what we are counting on! No one expects their victims to anticipate their attack and strike out first! Trust me! Moves like the Palm Heel Strike and the Hammer Fist done in a flurry of strikes will always throw their game off! PAIN ALWAYS COMMANDS RESPECT! You hurt them, they are stunned. That gives you an edge!

Train To Be First!

Think of scenarios in your head. Have a game plan! Think of all of the “What if’s.” Prepare yourself for any situation you can think of. Have pepper spray or a taser in your purse or pocket? How many times have you practice pulling it out and pretended to use it during certain situations? Now it is the time, not when it happens.

Have the upper hand, not the short end of the stick!

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