Punch Your Way to a Knock Out Body!

Put Fat Against the Ropes and Get That Smoking Body You Always Wanted!boxing gym at home

A boxing routine will not only vaporize fat, but tone muscle at a championship rate! Learn to shadow box and start working a routine into your fitness program. Try punching out three 2-minute rounds sometime!

Shadow boxing is easy and fun to do! Remember: Feet apart, hands up, chin down. Think Rocky (I am a big Apollo Creed fan)! Move around and throw out those mighty One, Twos (Left and Right punches)! Soon you’ll be huffing and puffing to that hot body that will take your opponent’s breath away!

Tighten your calves, thighs, abs, chest, shoulders and arms… aw heck, Your Whole Body! When you shadow box, you use your ENTIRE body! I haven’t had anyone that I trained not tell me, “Man, my whole body was sore the next day!” Have fun and go Get’em Rocco!

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