Say Bye to Holiday Fat!

Hey, is Thanksgiving giving you more than what you are thankful for?

Butt from over eatingSo, now the name of the game is “Damage control!”All the deviled eggs, turkey, gravy, candied yams and cranberry sauce can put a real hurting. But hopefully, you did a little working out before hand to build up some “credit” before the holiday slam-fest of feasting. Working out in preparation for an all out assault on the table is probably not the healthiest habit there is, but it is definitely better than not doing anything at all. I guess you can say, “Lose some to gain some.” But what if we didn’t do squat before the engorging? That is where damage control comes in!

Built up calories is fat, to burn fat, you have to burn Calories – Period!

girl calorie burningAll the un-used sugars, carbohydrates and fats are left stored in your body! The body uses what it needs and stores the rest for a rainy day. Well, today we have to let the body know it is raining! To burn calories at a rapid and healthy rate, is to force your body to use it’s stored up energy (fat) first. How we do that? Listen up!

Start doing things that makes your body burn more calories more often!

girl running in winterSounds easy right? It is! Do what you  normally do (walk, run or what ever) but modify when you do it. Such as, go for walks or runs in the morning before having breakfast. How about running outside where it is cool, instead of warm in the gym (your body burns more trying to stay warm instead of just loosing water in the heat). It takes the body about 15 minutes to start tapping into your stored energy reserves (fat) during cardio exercising. Plan your workouts longer than 15 minutes to burn your stored fat. So, take your dogs out for a walk or go for a nice jog in the morning to get the day started in the crisp, cool winter air.

Use this winter to your advantage in keeping the pounds down. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the Holidays!

Any thougths, I would love to hear them!

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