Situational Awareness – Self Defense

What is Around you can hurt or save you (1st of 3 situational Awareness series)!

Situational awareness self defenseTrouble and salvation is all around you, but where? I’ve talked to a lot of my law enforcement buddies and the #1 thing they noticed is:  Victim’s didn’t know where the suspect(s) came from, what they were wearing or where they fled. Think about that (pause) Why? Because they were not aware of what was going on around them prior to the attack. Think about it!

Look at this picture! What can your imagination tell you? What can go wrong? What is your gut instinct? What can she do to protect herself? Responses please!

Here are some answers! Could this be a place of possible trouble? Could she legally possess a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as, pepper spray, rape whistle or a taser? How about things in the surrounding environment she could use for protection? Such as closing the gate or using the stairs to push attackers down on?

Question! What would you do if someone approached you to commit a crime in this environment? What kind of skills would you recommend someone to know or use? This is all part of the precognitive rehearsals (pre-game plan) of my fighting system that is so important to self-defense. What kind of physical training would you recommend? What is your take on this?

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