Staying Sexy with Strength Training

Muscles build sexiness, Muscles build a hot body!

Sexy with strength trainingWe all agree that a toned body gets attention. What can you do? Well, how about picking up the weights! Want to know a secret weapon against fat? Strength training!

The combination of watching what you eat and exercising will get you where you want to be!Remember! Muscle burns alot calories around the clock and what you eat determines how much calories enter your body. More muscle, less junk food equals scorching hot sexiness! lol

Begin a weight lifting program with your cardio routines.Besides burning the fat away, another bonus of building muscle is bone support, prolonged strength and metabolic enhancement (ability to burn calories). So every now and then, pick up the dumbbells instead of getting on the treadmill! Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Staying Sexy with Strength Training”

  1. Hey Highhorse good to see you my old friend… I have a tough question for you.. My girlfriend recently had her thyroid gland taken out because of cancer (she’s ok now).. She had put put some extra weight in process of healing do mainly to the shift in her metabolism.. Now she has gotten her diet back on track but her exercise habits are poor at best.. I was hoping that maybe you could give her some workout routines or some suggestions anyway to help her in the right direction.. thanks again and semper fi….

    1. Hey Bro!
      Sorry for the delayed reply. I have been busy, but I am here for you now. The big thing that my clients with the same issue is how to lose and keep the weight off. The diet is key, which sounds like she is on it! Awesome! The next thing is movement. Remember how much you were in weight limits because you were always “on the move”? Well, it is the same thing. Start with walking (do you have dogs, great excuse to go for a walk). If not, go for walks involving the whole family. If not, start on muscle building exercises!

      Muscle burns calories on a “round the clock basis”. Do not do light weights with high reps! That is a myth. Do weights that will fatigue the muscles on the first set and work the whole body. Do the “daily seven” before breakfast to tap into the body’s energy reserves, and eat breakfast to feed the muscles to repair themselves for the next time they are used.

      The healthy loss of weight should be one pound per week. Anything more than that would be either water or muscle mass. Did you know proper hydration helps with weight loss? I hope this helps. Let me know if you want a personal training schedule or routine for her. I got your back!

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