Stop Gaining Weight and Lose it NOW!

Learn a Fast and Easy way to Manage your weight! 

Weight loss made easy!To stop weight gain and to start losing it, most of us just need to do TWO simple things:  1) Add 2000 more steps each day. 2) Eat 100 less calories each day. That’s it!

Simple changes in the types of foods you eat and the portion sizes will quickly reduce at least 100 calories a day. What’s a 100 calories? 1 pat of butter! Easy!

Make a small change in your activity! Make a pledge to yourself or set your mind to walking an equivalent of 1 mile (which is approximately 2000 steps) each day. Get yourself a pedometer and you’ll see how quickly you can walk a mile in a day, or MORE!

What other ways can you cut 100 calories (such as drinking 1% milk instead of whole)?

What other changes in your activity would be simple and easy to do to increase your exercise?

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