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What can I do if someone attacks me?


Learn the most important thing you can do to prevent or stop attacks NOW!

learn self defenseTiming is everything!  What I mean by timing is that most people become interested in self-defense subjects (martial arts, how to use firearms for home or personal protection and other disciplines) only after they have become the victim.  That is a sad but realistic truth.  I am very grateful so many people have come to me for advice and lessons, but it is also heart-breaking to know that it was because something had happen to them.

To hear the emotions, the trauma and despair in their voices and see it in their eyes is sometimes too unbearable to witness.  For the majority of their situations, it was preventable or avoidable.  For others, it was not but there was things they could have done to escape the situation.  Time and time again, I vicariously relive through my clients those traumatic events and can only think one thing… if only you knew then what you are going to learn now.  So, the time to learn to protect yourself is almost a no-brainer.  Learn to protect yourself BEFORE not after being a victim. 

So what is it that you can do to if you are attacked?  Be prepared and trained!  Learn valuable skills (techniques, mental and emotional preparation for combative situations) that will set you for success instead of failure.  Take a self-defense course or firearms class.  Buy an instructional DVD or take an online classAny training is good training!  You would say it’s a “no-brainer”, but what have you done to prepare yourself?

Don’t have the time to get to a gym or dojo to learn self-defense?  Check out our online self-defense courses! First one posted for the New Year! Check it out!

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