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FASTest Weight Loss and Fitness Program for 2015 (part 2)

Our F.A.S.T. System is the easy to remember and simplest to do, EVER!

lose weight naturallyHere is part 2 of our F.A.S.T. System for 2015 series! How’s it going?  In this part, we are going to learn more information towards your total body transformation (did you like that? lol!) The way we will provide information will be in “bite-sized and action-packed” sections for each area of F.A.S.T. This will make learning easier and making change more simple.  Too many changes can feel overwhelming and can cause you to you quit your program.  So small, meaningful steps that are easy to make is how you will succeed!

Let’s go F.A.S.T!:

Food – Did you know that frozen vegetables are more nutritious than fresh produce at the store?  Yup, because they are frozen almost immediately after being harvested instead of lying around for weeks at a time biodegrading and losing their nutritional value.  Enjoy this related video.  So, go frozen! Also, all vegetables are loaded with fiber which will make you feel fuller longer and more satisfied.  They also have complex carbs that your body and brain need for energy for working out and recovery.  So, start loading your plate with more veggies as filler instead of meats and starches.   Check out ChooseMyPlate for portion sizes and information. Great stuff.  This subtle change is a true money maker, so do it!  Caution:  Don’t completely replace proteins and starches with veggies, unless you are already a vegan or vegetarian and know your balanced diet.  Your body still needs proteins and starches for recovery and other functions.  Check with a dietian or doctor if you are on a restricted or specialized diet before making any modifications.

ActivityFor maximum calorie expenditure and muscle activation, use exercises that use multiple muscle groups at once.  Also, it has been shown that high-intensity interval training has been the most effective in muscle development and fat loss.  To give you a great idea of what kind of exercise I’m talking about is aerobics, boot camp or circuit course routines, crossfit or, my favorite, combat sport workouts (boxing, mma or martial arts).  Isolated movements (crunches, arm curls or bench presses) are great for muscle building, but suck really bad at losing fat.  In fact, there is no such thing as spot reduction, only spot development. Fat is burned proportionally over the whole body, instead of just one spot (FYI).  For those of us who’s weight is heavier or have other restrictive issues, walking and hiking is a fantastic total body workout!  Stabilizer muscles work to keep you upright and your body is continuously in motion.  Walking is a great conditioning or recovery (off day) exercise dependent on your fitness level.  I love walking and hikes! Make sure you clear with a doctor before starting any exercise or fitness program to avoid injuries.

SupportHave you made a fitness partner yet?  You know that doesn’t just mean someone who workouts out with you.  It can be a friend or family member that won’t pull any punches and hold you accountable.   Another good way to hold yourself accountable is to tell everyone your goal.  That means everyone will be expecting you to make changes and that puts pressure on you.  How devious is that? Lol!  I also made a support page for our F.A.S.T. System on FaceBook to help you with Q&A and accountability support.  Check it out!

TrackingWhat is your fitness goal?  I want you to pick just one. That’s it!  Is it to lose weight, improve your physique or get fit or stronger?  Pick one and focus on it.  Trust me when I say this, “You work on one, the rest will follow.”  What I mean is if you are working on muscularity (getting “toned” or “tightened up”) fat will burn off and you will get more physically fit.  So, what is your ultimate goal?  Specialize your tracking based on your focus (such as weigh loss).  You will be watching what you eat (F), staying active regularly (A), keeping yourself accountable through support (S) and tracking your weight (T).  Your muscles will eventually show and your fitness levels will increase.  Guaranteed!! If you are focusing on weight loss, track your weight.  If you are tracking muscularity, focus on BMI and body measurements.  If fitness is your focus, track your strength or endurance (run times or max reps on exercises).  Do this in a log, so you can visually see your gains and improvements!  MyFitnessPal is a great site and free app for your smart phone that is awesome for tracking calories, food and your exercising. Check it out!

So, make sure you keep your changes small and incremental for success.  Become smarter about what you eat.  Know what kind of exercises you need for your goals. Develop your support system.  Lastly, pick only one focus and track it.  Here’s to the new you for the new year using the F.A.S.T. System!  Share this article if you find it beneficial!

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FASTest Weight Loss and Fitness Program for 2015 (Part 1)

Learn how to lose pounds FAST and get in shape starting NOW!

lose weight quickly 2015Whether you just want to shed that unwanted holiday poundage or finally get that slim and trim body you always dreamed about, the time as come!  With our F.A.S.T. System, you will be melting fat at a nuclear rate!  Read on to learn more! Our weight loss system is easy to remember and do!  Just follow our 4 easy steps (F.A.S.T.) and you will be that person you have been dreaming about! Our 4 steps (F.A.S.T.) are:

  1. Food – Make the #1 most important change and the most SIMPLE!  Eat unprocessed foods, such as, whole fruits or home-cooked meals from groceries vs. fast-food or restaurants. Eat frozen vs. canned vegetables. Pick water vs. soda, juices or sports drinks.  Stay away from calorie dense foods such as cookies, cakes and snack bars.  You can work out all day, but at the end, it totally relies on your diet.  Tip:  Find high-fiber foods that are not calorie dense (whole wheat bread, kale, yams and whole fruits) to feel fuller longer and without all the calories. A great app that I enjoy for food references is CalorieKing.
  2. Activity – #2 most important step! You have to move! You have to expend energy to stop storing it as fat.  You also need to build muscle, because muscles (like your brain) are energy hogs and like to burn energy even when you don’t. You should be doing 1 hour of exercise a day (cardio, weights, walking, swimming, cross training and etc.).  Learn your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) to know what your necessary daily caloric intake is (i.e. 1800 cals).  Then do exercises to burn up some that caloric intake (500 cals).  Then in essence, you are 1300  cals (net).  Did you know a pound of fat is approximately 3500  cals?  So, to safely lose weight, it is suggested no more than 1 to 2 pounds a week (a 500 to 1000  cal daily deficit to equal 3500 -7000 cals at the end of the week).  Have fun with your workouts, mix them up!
  3. Support – Make yourself a support system to guarantee your success.  This will keep you on track and committed to staying on your goals.  Why do it all by yourself when you can have a power team pushing you?  Find a fitness buddy or a co-worker that wants to get in shape too. Compare weekly weigh-ins with eachother and keep a friendly competition.  How about a “Biggest weight-loss competition”  at the office, church or where ever?  You can have a prize or money pot for the winner.  Oh! How about posting truthful weekly weigh-ins on FaceBook or Instagram?  Now that is putting it out there, lol!  The options and ideas are endless!  The goal is your fitness goal! Win it!!  We made a support page for Q&A and ideas on FaceBook, check it out!
  4. Tracking – Your fitness journey is like driving on the freeway.  You need to know where you started, where you are and where you are going.  First, learn your Body Mass Index (BMI). Make log or journal in a notebook.  Track your exercises, their duration or weights and etc.  But weigh yourself weekly at a consistent time (I like to weight myself 1st thing in the morning, after bathroom break and before showering) to try to get a consistent weight.  Now, keep in mind as you workout that you will be building muscle and bone density (which does have weight).  So, at some point you might acutally stop losing weight or even gaining!  So, how do you track improvements?  Track how your clothes feel!  Are they loosing up in some places (the waist or hips) and tightening up in others (shoulders, arms or butt)?  That is how you can track too.  So, keeping track of your “improvements” will get you to your goals pronto! Tip:  There are many apps that can track your food, activity, weight and measurements.  One of my favorites is MyFitnessPal.

Now that you are familiar with our F.A.S.T. System, you can now start on your awesome journey to the new and improved you!  How exciting is that?  This is just the beginning of this fitness series, so keep posted for more to come! But you have enough to start NOW.  So, what are you waiting for?  Get out there and get some fitness!

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What Kind of Athlete Are You?

What is your natural athletic talent?

You probably already know what you are good at. Are you better at long, endurance tasks (such as running or swimming) or are you the more explosive, stronger type (power and strength)? Chances are you have natural born talent!

There are two, actually three, general muscle types. They are:  1) Slow twitch, which are proficient in oxygen ATP conversion (aerobic). These muscles are for long, endurance tasks with little force. Hello marathoners! 2) Fast twitch, which are non-oxygen but glycogen converting (anaerobic). These muscles burn stored cellular energy fast with lots of power but little endurance. Hello power lifters! 3) These are hybrids of both fast and slow twitch characteristics. This type of muscle is sometimes lucky born with or can be made through training (sprinters, fighters and top athletes).

Genetics plays a big part. My father’s side of the family, they are all thin and runners. On my moms side, they were all thicker, more muscular and displayed more strength (rock climbers, weight lifters etc.). So, I can see how I inherited some from here and some from there. I generally can’t run for extended periods of time at a high rate of speed (I become exhausted past 3-4 miles at 8-9 mph), but I can carry heavy loads (45-80 Lbs) for hours over hilly terrain or perform Boxing exercises for 20 rounds delivering powerful punches. I also cannot lift real heavy weights, but I can lift moderate weights at high reps. I also gain and lose muscle and body fat quickly. You probably can relate what I am talking about!

Understanding your given talents will help you understand your natural strengths. In turn, this will give you insight on what approach to training you can take towards your fitness goals. So, take an inward look and turn it outward. Be proud and say it loud!

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