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Hey Fat Kids Learn to Lose Weight and Feel Fuller and Eat More!

Do you like to eat like me?  Find out how you can still lose weight without starving to death. Learn the three little secrets that you need to know!

If you are anything like me (big boned with a healthy appetite) you might find it hard to manage your weight while not starving all the time.  How many times have you looked at those tiny commercial pre-packaged meals and said, “Who the heck eats like this?  I can eat two of these!”?  Or, how many times have you felt like you were always searching for something to keep you from feeling that gnawing, burning feeling in your stomach from being hungry all the time?  Did water help?  No, I didn’t think so.  I feel your pain, because I live it all the time!  So, for those of us that need to eat, but can pack on the pounds by just smelling food, we need to think smart.  In my journey and knowing my body, I learned a thing or two from experts and through my own experience.  I broke it down to three simple secrets that has worked for me.  Here they are:

Secret One – How to Stay Fuller Longer

I learned this secret in a diet nutrition class from a certified dietician.  The secret was fiber!  Foods high in fiber makes you feel fuller longer.  I ate protein this and ate protein that, thinking protein was the answer.  Wrong!  Your body uses protein as fast as a laser beam, in and out.  Plus protein is calorie rich!  How about drinking water?  Ever drink water to feel full?  How has that worked for you?  I’m full for a minute or two, then continuous trips to the bathroom to pee.  Hydration is super important, but dang it, I’m hungry!

vegetablesThe trick is to eat foods that are high (or higher) in fiber, because your body has to break it down, which takes longer.  Plus, fiber is great for your body.  So, vegetables, grains and legumes are great fiber sources (and less calories too).  Also, try to find breads that are closest to four grams of fiber per serving.  Try substitutions like, kale for lettuce or vegetables instead of potatoes or fries.  Still hungry at dinner time?  Eat more vegetables instead of piling the meats.  Plus, four ounces of vegetables occupy more space in your stomach than four ounces of meat.  So, fiberous foods takes up more room in your stomach, takes longer to break down and has less calories… hmm… the facts says it all.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Secret Two – Stop Getting Fooled Know What Your Are Eating

How do you know what your are eating is what you should be eating?  I learned one interesting thing.  Don’t read the box (advertisements).  Read the label!  OMG, the law allows food manufactures to use “buzz words” to trick us into what they want us to think is “healthy.”  The FDA allows them to say a food is made with “real what ever” if it contains any amount (no matter how little) of the “real whatever.”  How many times you had a drink “made with real fruit juice” and it was just flavored sugar water and a label of unpronounceable ingredients?  FDA allows that if they added just a drop of real juice in their beverage solution, they “technically” made it with real fruit juices.  Shocking right?  Same with breads!  Here is an example of two breads side-by-side made by the same manufacturer.  One is their brown “wheat” bread the other is their white bread.  Examine their labels.  Note their serving size (1 slice), the calories and the fiber per serving (less than 1 gram):

bread labels
So, other than 10 calories, they are basically the same bread!  How can that be?  One is wheat bread, it’s brown.  Well, let me ask you this:  Isn’t bread made with wheat?  So, that is not a lie… (shady, right?) and with a little brown food coloring… Presto!  You now have brown wheat bread!  Geez..

What I find deceptive too is they like to use the “single slice” approach to make the bread appear with “less calories”.  When was the last time you used one slice of bread for your sandwich?  I didn’t think so.  So, what I do is read the labels.  Here is another “healthy wheat bread” from the same manufacturer.  Note the serving size (1 slice), calories per serving (100 cals) and the dietary fiber (3 grams):


Again, one slice?  This is one of those breads with the bigger slices.  So, either you make a bigger sandwich (more calories eaten) or cut the slice in half and get a smaller sandwich (hungry).  So if we cut the slice in half, we get 50 cals and 1.5 grams of fiber per “slice”.  The fiber is better than the first breads above (better than less than 1 gram per slice).  So, the nutrition is slightly better, but the volume is slightly worse… so, there’s the trade off.  You either end up eating more calories or eating less, going hungry.  Dang…

Remember when I said bread should be close to four grams of fiber per serving?  Is that possible?  Of course it is, look for it.  So, I am not really into super dark wheat breads.  So, I found one bread that is light, but gives me a great combination of fiber, volume and calories that I am willing to live with.  Note the serving size (2 slices), calories (130 cals/ 65 per slice) and fiber (3 grams/ 1.5 per slice):









This bread already beats the other breads.  It has less calories per slice, way more fiber and a serving is two slices instead of just one.  Great!  So, I can make a normal-sized sandwich with bread that makes me fuller, longer and with less calories.  Score!  So, I hope this is a great example of the benefit of reading the labels and don’t believe the advertising hype!  This is such an easy step.  You only have to identify the food you like just once!  Awesome right?

Secret Three – Eat More Food Eat Less Calories

What!?  Yep, I said the same thing when I stumbled on this secret concept.  How can you eat more food and eat less calories?  I’m not talking about diet foods that say less calories so I can just eat more of them like a hog.  I’m not talking about processed “fake food” products that visually resemble food because they are so loaded with substitute sweeteners, proteins and other junk.  I’m talking about natural, cheap and healthy food that fills you up and never lets your down!  It is about substituting your foods with other foods you might like.

The trick is to look for food that is not calorie dense and the closest thing to natural (unprocessed).  I drink water with meals.  How about mineral or soda water instead of soda?  How about fruit instead of candy or juices?  Salads instead of macaroni and cheese.  Substitutions like that.  It makes such a big difference.  Since I often eat to feel full, I made the mind shift to eat food like that instead of calorie dense foods.  So, I pile up the fresh or frozen veggies and fruits instead of more meats and starches on my plate.  I also pick fresh over canned and frozen over fresh (there is a reason concerning freshness and nutritional value).  So eating a dinner consisting couple of baked pork chops, sautéed broccoli and mashed yams (with margarine) is about 500-700 calories vs. 1200 calorie dinner at a restaurant.  Amazing right!  Big kid eats and saves on calories!  Score!!


Each of these secrets are effect in losing weight, especially if you like to eat like me.  However, all three of these secrets with their powers combined makes the super ninja of weight loss because you get to eat and still lose weight.

Combine these secrets with a walk every once in a while, just think about that!  Burning calories with a low aerobic workout and not consuming so many calories.  Change is right around the corner, you just got to look.

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Want to Know How to Avoid Cheat Days?

Knowing how to recognize and avoid cheat days can mean the difference between accomplishing your fitness goals or losing the battle of the “bulge.”  What can you do about it?

Ever hear the old saying, “It’s like taking one step forward and then two steps back?”  What does that mean?  It means to make a small achievement to only go back and fail twice as much you gained, right?  Same is true with cheat days on your diet!  How is that?

I too struggle on giving myself permission to fail.  The yo-yo effect as you might have called it.  I lose a bunch of weight.  I enjoy the feeling of how my clothes feel.  I can even see the difference!  But then I go on vacation or the holidays or special occasions happen.  Boom!  I feel all fatty, bloated and sluggish.  What gives?  I feel so defeated.  How can we avoid that feeling and failure?

Let’s say you wanted to lose one pound per week.  One pound of fat is equal to 3,500 calories.  So, you have to cut 500 calories a day (500 x 7 days) to make your goal, does that sound right to you?  If you wanted to lose more, you cut more.  Makes sense, right?

Now, let’s say you worked hard by working out, changing your diet (water for soda or whatever) and watched religiously what kind of healthy foods you ate for a whole six days.  Then, on day seven, you give yourself “A cheat day”, or as I call it, permission to fail.

Now here is what I want you to realize.  Think of your calories as money.  Every calorie you lose is a “calorie dollar” you earn (losing is gaining in my books!).  So, by a week’s end, you show have at least $3,500 saved up!  Awesome right?  So here’s the kicker… how do you feel about losing that hard earned calorie money?  Not good, right?

So, for every meal that is over your loss, you are paying back.  Losing money (and time)!  Think about it.  You worked hard for those 3,000 calories but on your “cheat day”  you helped yourself to a 1,800-calorie meal.  You just lost $1,800!  You net-earned only 1,200 for the week, not even half a pound!  Your body just absorbs those calories like it always does, uses what it needs and stores the rest as fat.  Sucks right?  I don’t know about you, but I really like to keep what I work so hard for, don’t you?

So, how do we avoid “cheat days” or permission to fail days?  Do you think changing how you view them might make a difference?  Makes sense right?  I would have to agree.

So, let’s stop giving back our hard-earned calorie cash and get rich on success!  Stop giving yourself permission to fail only win.  Adopt a calorie counting method (such as using MyFitnessPal) for all your meals and activities.  It really helps.  I love it and I know you will enjoy it too.

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FASTest Weight Loss and Fitness Program for 2015 (part 2)

Our F.A.S.T. System is the easy to remember and simplest to do, EVER!

lose weight naturallyHere is part 2 of our F.A.S.T. System for 2015 series! How’s it going?  In this part, we are going to learn more information towards your total body transformation (did you like that? lol!) The way we will provide information will be in “bite-sized and action-packed” sections for each area of F.A.S.T. This will make learning easier and making change more simple.  Too many changes can feel overwhelming and can cause you to you quit your program.  So small, meaningful steps that are easy to make is how you will succeed!

Let’s go F.A.S.T!:

Food – Did you know that frozen vegetables are more nutritious than fresh produce at the store?  Yup, because they are frozen almost immediately after being harvested instead of lying around for weeks at a time biodegrading and losing their nutritional value.  Enjoy this related video.  So, go frozen! Also, all vegetables are loaded with fiber which will make you feel fuller longer and more satisfied.  They also have complex carbs that your body and brain need for energy for working out and recovery.  So, start loading your plate with more veggies as filler instead of meats and starches.   Check out ChooseMyPlate for portion sizes and information. Great stuff.  This subtle change is a true money maker, so do it!  Caution:  Don’t completely replace proteins and starches with veggies, unless you are already a vegan or vegetarian and know your balanced diet.  Your body still needs proteins and starches for recovery and other functions.  Check with a dietian or doctor if you are on a restricted or specialized diet before making any modifications.

ActivityFor maximum calorie expenditure and muscle activation, use exercises that use multiple muscle groups at once.  Also, it has been shown that high-intensity interval training has been the most effective in muscle development and fat loss.  To give you a great idea of what kind of exercise I’m talking about is aerobics, boot camp or circuit course routines, crossfit or, my favorite, combat sport workouts (boxing, mma or martial arts).  Isolated movements (crunches, arm curls or bench presses) are great for muscle building, but suck really bad at losing fat.  In fact, there is no such thing as spot reduction, only spot development. Fat is burned proportionally over the whole body, instead of just one spot (FYI).  For those of us who’s weight is heavier or have other restrictive issues, walking and hiking is a fantastic total body workout!  Stabilizer muscles work to keep you upright and your body is continuously in motion.  Walking is a great conditioning or recovery (off day) exercise dependent on your fitness level.  I love walking and hikes! Make sure you clear with a doctor before starting any exercise or fitness program to avoid injuries.

SupportHave you made a fitness partner yet?  You know that doesn’t just mean someone who workouts out with you.  It can be a friend or family member that won’t pull any punches and hold you accountable.   Another good way to hold yourself accountable is to tell everyone your goal.  That means everyone will be expecting you to make changes and that puts pressure on you.  How devious is that? Lol!  I also made a support page for our F.A.S.T. System on FaceBook to help you with Q&A and accountability support.  Check it out!

TrackingWhat is your fitness goal?  I want you to pick just one. That’s it!  Is it to lose weight, improve your physique or get fit or stronger?  Pick one and focus on it.  Trust me when I say this, “You work on one, the rest will follow.”  What I mean is if you are working on muscularity (getting “toned” or “tightened up”) fat will burn off and you will get more physically fit.  So, what is your ultimate goal?  Specialize your tracking based on your focus (such as weigh loss).  You will be watching what you eat (F), staying active regularly (A), keeping yourself accountable through support (S) and tracking your weight (T).  Your muscles will eventually show and your fitness levels will increase.  Guaranteed!! If you are focusing on weight loss, track your weight.  If you are tracking muscularity, focus on BMI and body measurements.  If fitness is your focus, track your strength or endurance (run times or max reps on exercises).  Do this in a log, so you can visually see your gains and improvements!  MyFitnessPal is a great site and free app for your smart phone that is awesome for tracking calories, food and your exercising. Check it out!

So, make sure you keep your changes small and incremental for success.  Become smarter about what you eat.  Know what kind of exercises you need for your goals. Develop your support system.  Lastly, pick only one focus and track it.  Here’s to the new you for the new year using the F.A.S.T. System!  Share this article if you find it beneficial!

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