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Great Weight Loss Exercises

Trade in those old exercises with New ones to Maximize Results!

workout girlAdding a small modification to your favorite exercises and can turn your body into a calorie exploding machine! For example, you love front lungesright? Well, how about grabbing a pair of dumbbells and every time you go down you do curls or overhead presses? Get the idea? Awesome! Multi-tasking the body is guaranteed to force your body to burn calories at a higher rate. Putting more muscles into an exercise means faster weight loss and muscle toning. Got it, great! Enjoy!

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Running to a leaner you!

Need to lose pounds fast? Running is the ultimate fat burner!

run for weight loss
Run for your weight loss goal!

Start small by running or jogging short distances (especially if you never ran habitually before) then longer as you get fitter. Running just after you wake-up really helps tap into your fat reserves, which means your body has to eat up the fat for energy!

Make sure you drink plenty of water before exercising and practice eating well to prevent injuries and rapid fat loss!

What kind of running routines do you think work the best?

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