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Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners

Are you looking for the right kind boxing gloves for your workouts?  Here are the 3 things you should know…

boxing gym at homeSo, let’s cut to the chase.  You are in the market for boxing gloves, but you want to make a good decision on your purchase that you won’t regret, right?

The other day, I was at my local sports store.  While I was there, I saw a couple standing in front of the boxing glove section.  I watched them pick up a set of gloves, look at the package, talk with each other and put them back.  I watched them repeat that over and over.  Finally, I overheard the girl say, “Just pick one, they are all the same.”  [Cringe!]  So, the guy grabbed a pair of gloves which were cheaply-made gloves that only supported one thing, the store’s bottom line.  I ran into a dilemma.  Do I stick my nose in their business and give unsolicited advice (like that “one guy” at the gym) or just let them make a poor purchase?  So, what did I do?  I gave them my advice (I know)…  So, that’s why I am writing this article to give you some expert advice so you don’t make the same mistake. 

So, let’s talk brass tacks…  What are the 3 things that make quality boxing gloves for you?

First, you got to ask yourself, “What am I going to use my gloves for?”  The answer to that is, “Training.”  Training consists of classes using circuit courses, such as rotating stations doing shadow boxing (or cardio boxing), heavy bag hitting, mitt work or some sparring.  Also, you might start working out at home where there is no one to help you lace up.  With the exception of the shadow boxing, everything else will involve lots of high-impact force.  So, with that being said, your boxing gloves will need these three important characteristics:

  1.  Your gloves will need to have plenty of dense shock-absorbing padding at the knuckles and wrist support.  This will help distribute and dissipate the impact of your punches away from the points of your knuckles to rest of your hand.  This will not only help prevent hand and wrist sprains and breaks, but save your joints, like your elbows and shoulders!
  2.  Your gloves should allow you to take them on and off easily by yourself.  Ever tried to tie your shoes with just one hand and your mouth?  That’s what it’s like with the lace-up style gloves, you will need what is called “Hook and Loop” style gloves so you can put them on or take them off by yourself quickly and easily.
  3.  The gloves should fit properly.  Boxing gloves are generally sized by weight, BUT nothing replaces how it feels on your hands (like shoes).  They should feel snug, but not squeezing tight.  Please note, you most likely will be wearing handwraps with your gloves, which will fill the space inside your gloves and provide more support for your hands and wrists. 

One last thing you should also consider:  When looking for a quality boxing glove, you should consider a reputable manufacture (such as Cleto Reyes, Everlast or Title).  Just remember though, even the best of manufactures have the lower end products, which you should avoid.  Here are some gloves you can check out, which meet my criteria and I would recommend:

Self-Defense and Fitness

Learn how to protect yourself, survive attacks and WIN (while having fun learning)!  

(Watch and Enjoy our new self-defense video for MyWarriorWithin.com!)

Why learn self-defense?  Reality Check (Read below)!  

What would you do, let’s say, someone attacked you in a parking lot when you were walking to your car or broke into your home while you were sleeping?

Did you just say “I’d scream or call the police or someone will come help me or the suspect will run away.”  or “I just pull my pepper spray/ taser/ gun out and use it.”  Right?

Points for thought…

  • Have you ever thought pepper spray has a delayed reaction (up to 30 seconds) and some people are actually IMMUNE (meaning they don’t feel it at all)?
  • Have you ever thought about your taser has only one shot and is only effective if you get two good connections with the barbs (So, if you miss or only one barb sticks, your taser is ineffective)?
  • Have you ever thought about what would happen if your gun jams or the attacker has already closed the gap and has a hold of your gun?  
  • Lastly, have you ever thought about being somewhere and an active shooter attacks (Like in San Bernadino, Brussels or Orlando)?

Don’t like the others, Don’t wait to learn after something bad happens!  

Every class will have a different focus and topic.  Enjoy a relaxed, fun and energetic fitness class with self-defense mixed into it.  You also will get a total-body workout, because fitness is key in self-defense.  Fitness with benefits!  Testimonials

For example, students would learn:

  • Personal protection measures to avoid being a victim
  • Functional physical fitness
  • Survival and winning mindset
  • Character building and strengthening
  • Improved Self-Confidence
  • Improvised protective devices
  • Escapes from chokes and holds
  • Counter to physical attacks
  • Knife Attacks
  • Gun Attacks
  • Situational awareness
  • Identifying pre-assaultive ques
  • Stand up fighting
  • Ground fighting
  • And More!

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Learn 1 Bad-Ass Self-Defense Move to Defeat an Attacker in 3 Minutes!

There I was , standing in front of him…The rage in his face told me, it was going to be either me or him…My heart just stopped, I need to know, no, I HAVE to know that I was going to win… I chose me.

They say we should have first-aid kits in the case of an emergency, well, don’t you think knowing a self-defense move or two when we have an self-defense emergency, right?  It only makes sense to have an Ace up your sleeve, right?  Something the bad guy won’t expect, right?  Would it be nice to have a secret self-defense weapon you can use at any time?  I agree.

That’s why I learned a few tricks here and there at were easy to learn and use, because I NEEDED them.  Because I knew these little tricks, I was able to defend myself against bigger, stronger attackers!  Our strength is our smarts.  Learning to out smart the bad guy, makes sense right?  I do too.

We don’t plan on emergencies, but when they do happen, boy isn’t great to be prepared for them, right?  Check out my video below to see a quick, simple technique you can use within minutes!  Best part?  No gym needed, just  Watch the instructional video, enjoy!:

Want to know what equipment I use and recommend?  Check them out below!

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