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FASTest Weight Loss and Fitness Program for 2015 (part 4)


Lose Weight and Get Fit Naturally Without Supplements or Pills FAST! Learn HOW!

lose weight fast and naturallyThis is week four of our F.A.S.T. Weight Loss and Fitness System.  This part is about changing it up and switching gears.  You’ve been making awesome changes, so let’s make them even more awesome! Ready?  Read on!

Here is what you need to know (F.A.S.T.):

FoodRead your labels.  Did you know that there are fake wheat breads out there?  Yup, they just add brown food coloring to white bread.  Sickening, right?  You should be looking for wheat breads with a minimum of 3-4 grams of dietary fiber under 200 cals per serving.  Fiber fills you up, makes you feel fuller longer and prevents you from over eating!

Protein is right up there with fat as being the most calorie dense nutrient.  Fiber is not.  Also, eating a heavy protein diet can have adverse health effects while packing on lots of calories.  Carbohydrates are in almost everything we eat (due to processing and the adding of sugars, syrups and grains).  However, you need protein and carbs for workout recovery and to keep your body from catabolizing your muscles for energy (That’s why if you cut too much, your body will go into starvation mode, horde fat and eat your muscle first!)

So, look for food that  has the highest fiber content per serving.  Plus, high-fiber foods are mostly likely to be less processed!  Balance your diet with a colorful plate (pizza is colorful, but not what I’m talking about, lol!).  A balanced diet is a healthy diet. Check out MyPlate for guidance Consult a doctor or dietician before starting any dietary regime to avoid injury or medical issues.

Activity – Have your muscles stopped being sore?  Is your weight loss slowing or leveling out?  You need to do something else.  I have clients that love to run, but that is all they do.  Some love CrossFit, but that is all they do.  Have you been just doing cardio?  Start a weight training program.  The problem is, their magnificent bodies are doing what it is designed to do… adapt!

You body will adapt to its present workload and economize its energy expenditure. That means, you have to change your routines, intensities and durations.  If you are running for 30 minutes a day, you should probably start some cross training routines instead (still cardio, but your using different muscle groups).  Walking because of weight or physical restrictions?  Try aqua aerobics or hiking on uneven terrain.

Body builders hit “plateaus” all the time.  They have to “shock” their bodies into growth by either simple routine, exercise or load changes.  So, to keep your from adapting, stay ahead of it and change up your activity! You will see and feel the difference in the kick start!  Looking for exercise ideas? Click here!  Consult a doctor before starting any fitness routine to injury or medical issues.

Support – The camera doesn’t lie.  You can fool yourself in the mirror.  But that camera is going to tell you the truth.  Take before and after photos (and “along the journey” pics too).  This will 1)  Keep you on track because you want to see visible improvements. 2)  Gives you a trophy and bragging rights at the end of your transformation.  3)  Gives you a tangible reminder of what you were and what you are now and gives you a visual reason not to go back. Trust me, I have pics of me that will forever remain buried, but they are there for me to motivate myself.  Stay motivated and snap those shots!  Make sure to use our FAST System Support Page too!

TrackingThis is going to tie in to this week’s Support section.  Taking pictures.  Take pictures weekly.  Also for each picture, record your weight along with your neck, chest and waist  size (guys) or neck, chest, waist, hips and thighs (ladies). You will see two things 1) What your data was when you took that picture.  2) You can track your body composition (body fat) and your muscularity (how tone or tight you have become visually).  Want to know something crazy?  You might actually hit a point where you are actually back at your original weight, but your waist might be 34 inches versus 42 or your dress size my be 4 versus 14 due to your body composition!  Track your success!

So, to sum it up:

Continue to eat a balanced diet consisting of essential proteins and carbs, but also with high-fiber foods to keep you fuller  to avoid overeating.  Change up your activities to keep your body from adapting to keep melting fat and building muscle.  Start snapping those pics to hold yourself accountable and to track your success!  Here’s to the new you for the new year!

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FASTest Weight Loss and Fitness Program for 2015 (part 3)

Are You Ready to Lose Weight at a Nuclear Rate and Get Fit Quickly?

lose weight FASTAre you ready to change your life forever and get a body that others are dreaming of?  Great!  Read on!  This is part 3 of our F.A.S.T. weight loss and fitness system.  If you have been following our program so far, you have already started dropping the pounds like they’re hot!

Here is what you need to know (F.A.S.T.):

Food – You are probably eating better and smarter.  Are you drinking better? Chances are you are drinking your diet and exercise away.  Avoid liquid ghost calories (aka sugar waters like sports drinks, sodas and juices).  Sport drinks are somewhere 50+ calories per 8oz’s, sodas are around 140+ per 8oz’s and juices (like orange or apple) are around 120+ cals per 8oz’s!  Wow! I had a client that ate balanced meals, worked out like a champ (1-2 hours a day), but couldn’t lose as much body fat as he’d like.  I saw him always carrying a bottle of sports drink around.  Bingo,  Liquid calories!  He drank that instead of water because he did not like the taste of water.  I guess taste was more important to him than weight loss.  Use lemon, orange or cucumber slices to flavor water instead of sugaring it up.  CalorieKing or MyFitnessPal have food calorie values you can use to see how much a drink’s value is (even coffees)!  Eat the fruit, instead of drinking the juice (you will get the juice and fiber from the fruit).  “Food for thought” – Do you like coffee?  How many calories was it?  Find out here

ActivityDo you do crunches and abs routines to get a fit or trim waistline?  It can get you the six-pack or toned tummy you want, but that is only half of it.  Our bodies burn fat evenly throughout the whole body, instead of just one area.  There is no such thing as spot reduction.  That is a myth and companies make millions from desperate people from that myth!  So, to get to that beautiful body under that tummy, burn through the fat by doing exercises that will burn calories and develop muscles at the same time.  You must do two things:  1) Melt the fat and 2) Develop muscle to get that toned tummy and nice body that you always wanted! Great exercises for both objectives are hiking with a weighted vest, sprint workouts, high-intensity aerobics and other interval training.  Also, increasing your daily activities such as going for a walk during breaks, stairs instead of elevators parking farther way from work and etc.  There are all kinds of life hacks you can do to help you increase your activities and exercise to get that masterpiece of art you have!

SupportHave you started rewarding yourself for your fitness acheivements?  You should! Just not with food.  You are not a pet, so no food treats.  Treat yourself to a trip or an activity.  How about new clothes!?  How about posting a picture of either you or your scale’s reading on your weekly weigh-in?  Keeping you on track and honest about your journey.  Noticeable changes (where people can see the difference) usually happens around a 10% drop in your BMI.  That is pretty soon if you are working at it.  People are pretty shy when it comes to giving complements about weight loss in person (because they might be afraid of being rude).  So, don’t get too bent on the lack of personal congrats.  People feel safer giving complements on social media, plus if you post before/after pics… you get to see for yourself! Find a great fitness page to post your achievements and keep posting.  We made a support page for this program if you wanted F.A.S.T. program support too! Enjoy and set up a support system.  It really is the heart of the program, so get one!

TrackingCheat days are going to destroy your plan!  You are working out really hard, burning calories and developing muscle.  Then you are changing your diet, from burgers to brown rice and from sodas to water.  Then you are meticulously keeping track of your foods and calories to your daily BMR and exercise expenditure.  Now, you think it is time to reward your efforts with a “cheat day.”  Splurging and thinking, “Ah it’s only this meal. I’ve done a great job this last week.”  Let’s do the math!  1 pound of fat = 3,500 calories.  Subtract 500 calories a day for a week (7 days) = 3,500 calories (1pound/weekly).  Now, let’s add a meal from a famous chain restaurant (steak and lobster meal 732 cals + fresh season vegetables  w/butter seasoning 96 cals + house salad 158 cals + (1) one soda 140 cals = 1,126 calories!!)  That’s not even including appetizers! So, 3,500 (your weekly victory) minus 1,126 (your cheat meal) = 2, 374 (0.67 of a pound).  That week you just lost about half a pound for all your hard work!  That’s almost the same weight as a glass of water… cheat days will get you.  You are doing a great job.  The more you know, the better you are for success. Enjoy!

What you need to remember:

Monitor what type of drinks you are consuming to avoid ghost or empty calories.  Make sure you are doing exercises to achieve two goals:  1) Burn fat and 2) build muscle.  Start using that support system to hold yourself accountable. Lastly, beware of those cheat days!  You have been working hard to get the body you wanted, and you will get it!  It is about working smarter, not harder.  The smarter you work, the F.A.S.Ter you will get that smoking hot body you have been dreaming about!

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