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Does movie magic influence self-defense?

Can media influence how you respond to a self-defense situation?

Does a karate chop to the wrist really work in knocking a gun out of a suspect’s hand?  Can you really shoot a knife out of a person’s hand from 25 yards with only a single bullet in a high-stress situation?

Does negotiating with a motivated and determined armed suspect really work? Is there a time and place?

If faced with an attacker that has their mind set on performing violence, what would you do with the resources you have at that time?

Watch the video below. What kind of actions did some of the participants involved use, in your opinion, were inaffective?

Comments? Opinions?

New Jersey Home Invasion – Don’t let it happen to you

Learn a few simple things that will make you safe in your own home against criminals that want to hurt you.

NJ Home Invasion
Click on picture for news article and video

A woman was brutally beaten in front of her own children in her own home. Don’t let that be you! What happened that gave this criminal the opportunity to commit his violent and shocking crime? Read the article here.Click picture for news article and video

What can we do to “harden” us as targets and make it harder for criminals like this animal to prey on? Read on…

Environmental Hardening/ Design

Security Gates. The criminal in this case was reported to have kicking the door to gain access. Standard construction practices, entrance doors swing inboard (into the room).

So instead of changing an inboard to an outboard door. Install a metal security gate for your front and rear entrances. They are designed to swing out not in, which kicking in would be futile. This added protection is a great deterrent.

Also, when the light is brighter outside than inside, you get the visual advantage of you seeing them and them not being able to see you. A lot of these security gates are affordable and available at home building supply stores.

Lights. Other environmental changes you  can do is motion detected lights around the side walkways around your house, rear door and front doors. This is like a alert system for you, which will let you know something is moving around the light’s detection area. This will also illuminate the subject so you can see who or what is there.

Windows. If you don’t like bars on windows, then get upgraded windows with good locking mechanisms. Simple two-screw latch or turn window locks are way to easy to pry from the frame. Newer, vinyl or double-pane glass windows have great security locks.

Improvised Locking Devices. Door bars (they look like especially designed bicycle stands that are made to rest against the door and the floor as a reinforcement), or sturdy sticks placed on the bottom ledge of a sliding window sill or on the upper part of a window frame can be used to “jam” the windows shut. Remember, they help with locking the windows shut, but they don’t stop the window from being broken like bars do.

Simple changes in your home (environment) change make forced entries harder or even preventable.

Behavioral Changes

When you hear the door bell or knocking at your door, what do you do? Do stand behind the door, even if you have a peep hole. In the tactical world (military and law enforcement), doorways are known as “fatal funnels.” Stand to the side and talk through the door. If you can look through a side window or an upstairs window or a closed-circuit camera would be ideal. Don’t just open the door!

Bluff! Remember what kids are supposed to say to strangers about them being alone? You are never alone! “My mom is in the shower now, do you want her to call you back?” Try, “Honey! There is some guy at the door that says he knows you!”

Question! “You are with what company? Okay, well leave your card at the door. I “we” will get back to you later.” “What is your company service number? I am going to call to verify, okay?” If they are legit, they will comply. If they try to avoid the topic or become uncooperative by try to get it to give you the information, good chances they are not who they say they are.

Learn Self Defense

Self Defense is any subject that concerns the defense of one self. That would be hand-to-hand fighting skills, phyiscal fitness training, learning your local crime statistics (example Arjis.org or Megan’s Law) and learning about force options and personal protective devices (Tasers, pepper spray, firearms and etc.).

The more you know, the more you are prepared.

Mindset Preparation

Mindset is everything. In your mind you should be thinking of the “When it will happen”, not the “If it will happen.” If you watch the news videos on the NJ home invasion, the common thing you will hear is, “Surprised in this quiet, family neighborhood.” Another words, a “if” mentally. Not saying to be paranoid or be a hermit.

Say this, “When something like this happens, I will do this…” Very empowering statement. This puts a proactive approach versus a reactive. Plus this mindset forces you to come up with a game plan for such situations.

End State/ Final Thought

Whether you decide on environmental design, behavioral changes or mindset preparation, all or any one of these is a positive action to protecting you and your love ones. It is a whole lot better than doing nothing! You would buy an alarm for your car or buy a lock for your work locker, right?

How about protecting what is most valuable to you?


A Single Attacker with a knife puts 14 students in critical care in Texas

HarrisCountyStabbing14 Texas college students were put in the hospital due to a mass knife attack by one 20-year-old attacker.




After gun bans are in effect, will that stop mass casualty incidents? Will criminals find another means to hurt others?

Training Points:

  • What happened?
  • Why was the attacker able to injure 14 separate individuals before being stopped?
  • How long did it take first responders (police, fire and medics) to respond?
  • Most importantly, what could we do to anticipate and train ourselves for a situation like this?

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