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Amazing for Beginners!

As a woman with no prior experience of self-defense, shooting, or even holding a gun for that matter, I see Highhorse's training as a wealth of valuable, dare I say essential, skills that everyone should learn. Not only does he thoroughly understand the trade, but his teaching methods and personality make learning this stuff very fun and informative. I would absolutely recommend his classes!

Can’t miss with his classes!

I know Highorse personally and professionally and highly respect him as a trainer and tactician. He has the warrior spirit and knows how important it is to hone both the mind and body in personal defense. When seeking out professional instruction of any kind it is always critical to vet the instructor. Highorse is dedicated, knowledgeable and proficient and will ensure you receive top notch instruction. Can’t miss with his classes!

Gun and Shooting Range Training

I came to Highhorse being afraid of guns . By the time he finished with me I had an appreciation for them instead. He was very patient. and had a lot of knowledge to share. Before we even got started he went through the safety first, loading the magazine, removing all the bullets from the chamber, showing me different ways to hold the gun & aiming. He had several different guns for me to try out, even a shotgun. He had a lot of great pointers for me. By the end of our training that day I had been able to hit the bulls eye several times. I loved it!!! I couldn't wait to go shooting again! Thanks Highhorse for teaching me to respect guns and not be afraid of them. I am working now to get a concealed gun permit and will definitely take more classes from him!

Good information not to miss

Enjoyed every minute of his self defense class, covered those "what if" moments when confronted with yellow, red and black zone situations. He made great eye contact with everyone in class, was animated, had a great sense of humor despite the seriousness of self defense, which had us all more relaxed. I encourage everyone to take his class for your future well being.

Eye Opening!

Highhorse and his collegue know how to teach useful, common sense self defense techniques in a fun and clear way! I am inspired to continue to practice the techniques I learned, and feel more cofident that I can get away from a would be attacker. I recommend these classes to everyone!

The good ol days (video link)...I learned from the best!


I miss these days!...used to be an everyday lifestyle!...getting beat up on the regular, and I LOVED it!
Back in the day, this man beat me up, knocked me out (on several occasions), took the wind from me (multiple times), gave me lots of bloody noses, bruised ever bone in body, tore all my muscles and ligaments, gave me years of pain, but more importantly...he TRAINED me! I then did my best to train others! Anyone who asks me, or talks to me about CCI or now MCMAP, I always refer my learning's to Highhorse Little! Thanks Brother!

Highhorse's self defense workout was no joke

Amazing workout to the point your mind was so busy practicing the defense moves that you didn't even notice how hard u were workingout....until u r walking to your car that is. 🙂 I highly recommend Highhorse's workout no matter what shape you r in. I could see my grandma out there benefiting. Thank you for sharing you wisdom and translating this into things I can do as women 🙂

Wayne L. wrote:  “very interested in your website and your newsletter, realy like your instructional and easy to follow videos by your average person ,its geared to common folk,new to self defence. this is a great new aproach , kinda funny how nobody else does it .if you only see one video youve left with something new , if you go to one 1 hr karate class youv left with nothing in most cases. good work keep me posted”

Jon T. wrote:  “And this one time, on the John F Kennedy, Highhorse saved my life. No really, he did! I had to help a Recon Marine put his nose closer to his ear, and before i knew it, I had a whole Recon platoon in our berthing area. Highhorse and I were Martial Arts Instructor Trainers togehter for a long time. One of the best fighters I know.

Jeremy S. wrote:  “He’s legit… I served with him and he was well liked, feared and respected by all.”

Chieftain wrote:  “Oi, Highhorse! One thing is certain: I would never want to get onto the business-end of that duke of yours: I bet that would smart mightily! First, thanks for this video link and excellent demo: I have shared it and recommended it to The Lads, and especially to my female acquaintances.”

Michael W. wrote:  “Good shitake High Horse. The technique is very important to know. Keep the videos coming. Always inspired by good instructors that share crucial knowledge and technique in self defense. Manu…………Peace out braddah.”

Julie wrote:  “I like what you do and how you answer others. as to the questions they had from weight to how to built muscle , and I like you’re website well Put.”

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