The Eye Gouge

Learn The Technique to Stop an Attacker!

Eye Gouge Self DefenseWant to how to defend yourself by attacking an Attacker where it hurts most? Great! Go for the eyes! That’s right, the eyes! Forget the groin, the shin rake or the knee kick. The eyes is where it’s at. For information of primary self defense target areas CLICK HERE.

The eyes are the most sensitive and most guarded area of the body. All life on earth will protect their eyes from harm. It is also the most unprotected organ of the body. That makes it a prime target to attack! That is why it is so instinctual to protect them at all costs (besides the neck and throat area). Use it to your advantage!

A Quick Joust to the Eyes will give you the space you need to escape an attack! An Eye Gouge is basically a hard poke to the eyes. They are only protected by the thin skin of the eyelids. Tips of the fingers, jabbing of the thumbs or finger nails in the eyes will make anyone flinch, block to protect or turn away from the threat from their eyes!

How to Use the Eye Gouge

As the attacker grabs you, approaches you or whatever, thrust your fingers or thumbs into he/she’s eyes. As soon as they react to your defense move, take advantage of the opportunity to escape and call for help. It is such a simple, yet extremely effective move! Practice eye gouging when thinking of attack situations and build confidence in your abilities!

To watch a video on Primary Self Defense Target areas, CLICK HERE.

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