When Can Deadly Force be Used in Self Defense?

When is Deadly Force Used in a Self Defense Situation?

robbed with knifeDeadly Force is supposed to be the last resort when all other lesser means to protect yourself or others have failed. So when is that? What are the circumstances? Can you carry Personal Protective Devices (PPD’s)? What legal issues do we face? Again, when is it OK?

This is a HOT topic in the self-defense world and should be discussed. What is your opinion?

*Disclaimer! This is for discussion purposes. No legal advise will be given. Again, comments are purely for discussion only and shall not be construed as legal advise in any way. Consult your local law enforcement or other legal counsel for the proper information in your state.*

Love to hear your comments and opinions on this issue!

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2 thoughts on “When Can Deadly Force be Used in Self Defense?”

  1. This is an incredibly important topic – thanks for bringing it up! I’ve been lucky enough to never be confronted with the need for lethal force so far … although in my work as a bounty hunter I regularly prepare for it. I’ve had the need to point a loaded gun at a human more than once … though I’m very happy that I have never had to send a round their way.

    On the other hand, I’ve found myself in WAY more than my share of unarmed conflict, and I’d say more of our time in self defense training needs to make sure we are competent first at the most common troubles, and how to either avoid them or deflect or diffuse them if possible … I know this gets a lot of lip service, but even I don’t actually practice this communicative skill in training. Maybe that’s something that would help keep the use of force to a minimum more often?

    1. Fantastic comment Peter! I really enjoy your input on this hot issue. What really caught my attention in what you said was the part of using verbal communication, sometimes referred to as “tactical communication”, to de-escalate situations and manipulate them into your favor. That is such an important skill that really, in my opinion, does not get enough recognition or attention it deserves. I am a strong believer in Time, Talk, Tactics. Time as far as what you are give as a factor or what kind of time you can buy. Talk, of course, tactical communication. And tactics, being martial art skills or other physical self defense skills to stop the threat. Awesome insight Peter, please keep posting!

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